avocado juice recipes

avocado juice recipes


avocado juice,Tropical fruit is known for its various uniqueness. From a series of tropical fruit names that exist, maybe avocados become one of the most popular. The advantages of this fruit named Latin Persea americana is none other than because of its monounsaturated fat content. High fiber content is also the reason why this fruit is often hunted by the eves who are running a weight loss program. There are many ways you can try to enjoy this tropical fruit. In Indonesia, avocado is usually used as a complementary ingredient for mixed ice or fruit soup. However, if you look at the current sweltering weather conditions, perhaps the best thing is to make it into juice. Well, for those of you who are interested in making avocado juice, here are six ways to make a delicious and practical avocado juice at home. Before going to the main discussion, you have to prepare some of the ingredients first. What are those?

Ingredients for making avocado juice:

  • 1 ripe avocado butter
  • Chocolate or white sweetened condensed milk (to taste)
  • 3 tbsp granulated sugar
  • 100 ml of boiled water
  • 250 ml ice cubes


How to make a good and practical avocado juice

Here are  to make delicious and practical avocado juice at home.

1. Choose a ripe avocado

Make sure the avocado you choose is perfectly cooked. Avocados that are young or not fully cooked usually have a bitter taste.

To choose an avocado that is ready for consumption, you can check the tenderness of the meat. Try holding, then press gently with your palm. If it feels tender or soft, the sign is ripe. However, if it feels hard or may be too mushy, it means that the fruit is young or overcooked.

Do not press the flesh of the avocado too strongly or use the fingers of the hands. Such a way would leave indentations and make the avocado flesh damaged.

2. Prepare the tool for blending

Basically, the essential equipment needed to make a nice and practical avocado juice at home is a blender. Make sure that the blades and blenders you use are strong for blending ice cubes.

If you use large block ice cubes, you can destroy them first by putting them in plastic and then hitting them using hard objects to destroy them. However, if you use small block ice cubes, you can blend them right away. For serving glasses, you can prepare a 500 ml glass.

3. Put the ingredients in a blender

Next, split the avocado into two halves and remove the seeds. Then, dredge the flesh of the avocado using a spoon. Then, put the avocado meat that you have scraped into the blender. After that, enter other ingredients such as ice cubes and granulated sugar. Continue by putting in boiled water and sweetened condensed milk to taste.

The secret to making avocado juice this time lies in the use of ice cubes. Ice cubes here serve to make avocados more easily dissolved and evenly mixed so that the texture of the juice will become more viscous.

Well, if you don't want to use sugar as a sweetener, you can replace it with honey. If you use honey as a sweetener, you should use sweetened condensed white milk. It's okay to use chocolate flavor, but some people think that chocolate milk and honey are not suitable when combined. It certainly comes back to each other's tastes.

4. Blend avocado with medium speed with a time of ± 2 minutes.

For the time memblender is actually relative. However, if you want to get a soft texture, you can use medium speed with a time of ± 2 minutes. Because the texture of the avocado is fairly soft, then you do not have to blend it for too long.

5. Beautify the look of avocado juice and serve

While waiting for the blend time, you can prepare a serving glass. You can also beautify the look by pouring a little sweetened condensed milk, then turn the glass until the milk covers the surface of the glass. Once the avocado juice is well mixed, you can pour it into a serving container and then give a few sheets of mint leaves on it to beautify the look. Enjoying avocado juice in cold conditions is refreshing.

6. Add toppings to make it more delicious

To make your avocado juice taste better, you can add toppings as a complement. For those of you who like chocolate flavor, you can add a sprinkling of meses on avocado juice. In addition, for a creamier taste, you can also add a scoop ice cream with your favorite flavor.

However, it is worth noting, cold avocado juice can actually complicate the work of the body because the fat content is quite high. This can make the body's metabolism work harder by equating the temperature of food with body temperature in order to make it easier for nutrients and vitamins to be absorbed to the maximum.

Not only that, although avocados are healthy fruits, but consuming this fruit excessively can cause indigestion. The ideal serving of eating this fruit is half to two avocados in one day.

That's how to make a nice and practical avocado juice at home. How? Interested in making it? Please try it at home